Faith & Bravery

Having FAITH that the best is yet to come, is not a passive state but a brave commitment. It is BRAVE to believe in the unseen and in your entitlement to all that is good.  FAITH is not merely surrender, cross your fingers and hope to God that everything doesn’t go the hell. Having faith is choosing to believe you deserve the best that life has to offer and making the hard choices that create a life in alignment with the best that life has to offer.

This sometimes means letting go of habits, ingrained beliefs and relationships that aren’t genuinely good.  These can be difficult and at times painful to give up because they might offer a momentary, fleeting or unreliable comfort or sense of happiness…

Bravery is recognizing that they don’t support the dream.  Courage is saying no, because they don’t provide the contentment of authentic support.  

Believing can seem like a gamble…having faith can be one of the most terrifying commitments a person makes.  

Personally, I’ve had enough experiences in my life to know that when I believe, miracles happen… but this doesn’t always make the next trial less painful or scary.  

But I believe, the best is yet to come…

I believe deep in my bones, deep down in my soul, that if I choose courage…if I make the choice that is difficult, yet, in the long run better for me, the pain will pass, I’ll be better for it, and the sun will shine again.





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