Make It Happen

Overthinking the launch of an endeavour, anticipating the challenge and fearing the discomfort of hard work are far worse than the act of beginning and giving your best and most committed effort toward a goal. Stop thinking and start doing. #youareenough . #mondaymotivation

Cheers to 34

On my birthday last year, it was as if I anticipated a year laden in challenge because I recall a disposition of somber pensivity. . The previous year had been a year of learning to stand back up, regain confidence and step back into my life with courage. . This past year in contrast, was … More Cheers to 34

What is Happiness?

“HAPPINESS is not defined as pleasure. PLEASURE is so quick, so short and then it’s over. HAPPINESS is the JOY you feel while moving toward your potential. JOY is something you can experience even in the absence of pleasure. People are afraid of happiness because they think it will stagnate — that if I’m happy … More What is Happiness?

Ruby Is 2 ♥️

My Ruby, Today you turn 2. It amazes me how quickly time passes… I’ve enjoyed every moment of these past 2 years with you and continue to feel a profound sense of joy in my heart that I’ve been give the opportunity to be your mother. It is THE GREATEST BLESSING to watch your beautiful … More Ruby Is 2 ♥️

Tipping the Scales

I had a conversation with a good friend yesterday about her desire to get back to the gym and clean up her diet. She said “Jenny, I know what to do and I’ll start first thing Monday morning but by 11am I’ll have fallen off the wagon again.” My response to her was, “So, you … More Tipping the Scales