Tipping the Scales

I had a conversation with a good friend yesterday about her desire to get back to the gym and clean up her diet. She said “Jenny, I know what to do and I’ll start first thing Monday morning but by 11am I’ll have fallen off the wagon again.”

My response to her was, “So, you fall of the wagon? So what. Get back on and keep going.”

So often when we slip up or make a choice that isn’t in alignment with our goal we throw in the towel on the entire day, week or even month.

The reality is, permanent change will require getting back on the wagon multiple times until staying on the wagon becomes more comfortable than falling off of it.

As long as you get back on, and consciously make more choices that support your healthy lifestyle rather than oppose it, you’ll eventually tip the scales in favour of success.

Even if this means that 50% of the time you eat junk and 51% of the time you eat clean. That 1% means you live a healthy existence more often than you don’t. Paradoxically, that 51% will eventually lead to an increase. Imagine the results if you aimed for 80/20 or even 90/10?!

For today, this week, or this month…tip the scales!!

Give more of your attention and focus to healthy choices rather than the stumbles you have as you shift into your new lifestyle. You’ll be surprised to see that the small wins add up to big changes in your life.

Happy Monday Everyone!!



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