Zulu Challenge 2017

Hello ya cute lil’ chickens…

Let’s talk about ZULU CHALLENGE 2017!!!  I did it.  I survived it.  And I’m gonna tell ya about it…

For starters, it is a 10km race with 20 obstacles.  Maybe 21 obstacles…whatever, many, many obstacles.  Obstacles, as in climbing over walls, under netting through muddy water, carrying tires up and down ski hills, being up on very high apparatus’ and having to get down without breaking anything…you feel me?

The race is located out at Night Hawk Ski Hill which is about 10 minutes south of Grande Prairie.

So to add to the challenge of this already very challenging race…it was 3 degrees Craining, and the terrain for the race was MUD.

That’s it.  MUD.

Landslides of MUD, trails of MUD, hills of MUD…

Needless to say, shit got real.  Real cold, real wet, real dirty.

I ran the race with 8 other of the raddest chicks around…our team name was the “Blister Sisters”.  I know, I know…we are so funny and clever.  We all wore pink headbands, which proved to be super helpful to locate our team throughout the race.

So we started out, standing at the top of a huge hill, cold, drizzle coming down, we were told to do 15 pushups and then the race began…we had to run down this giant hill and hop on the mudslide trails! If you didn’t have some type of grip on the bottom of your shoes, you were a goner.  Just sit down, put your hands up in the air and start yelling, “OH SHIT, WEEEEEEEEEE”, because you were going to proceed down the trails this way anyway.  Oh BTW, we were also carrying sandbags in our swag bags.  The swag bags were not made from the most durable materials so the bags kept breaking while running down the trails.  We came to our first obstacle which was chest height, boards that you had to climb over.  The mud trails continued with another obstacle, a rope netting that you had to army crawl underneath in muddy water.  So at this point, you can no longer feel your fingers or toes.  We collectively noticed that you would either have feeling in your toes or your fingers but definitely not both for the duration of the race.

We ran until we made it back to the chalet where my gaze fell upon “the obstacle of doom”.  It was a “monkey-bar” type set up that you had to climb on top of, crawl across and get down on the other side.  This was the obstacle that scared me the most and it was #3 of 20ish obstacles…I don’t like heights, it was raining and wet and I couldn’t feel my fingers…so there I am, waiting for my turn to be boosted up on top of these thing and I am day dreaming of STARS Air Ambulance having to fly in and fly my ass out of there because I lost my grip on this thing and fell to my doom.

I sure as shit couldn’t bail on this obstacle, no sir, no ma’am.  This was happening.  So I crawled up on the MOFO and went one bar at a time, until the end where my buddy, Jen helped me get down…I will tell you, that this obstacle was the absolute scariest but most gratifying part of the whole race for me.

I am going to side track into some mushy stuff now…this past year has been tremendously challenging for me, emotionally, mentally, spiritually…and this has in some ways transcended into the physical for me…but I have built up strength and resilience through physical fitness.  So this moment of completing something that would have in the past scared me to the point of concession, it was PIVOTAL.  I refused to back down, I got my ass up there and I took that obstacle one step at a time and accomplished it.  So as I stood on the other side, cheering the rest of my team on, to take it one bar at a time, one step at a time, I had this moment of pure empowerment.  I had conquered so many fears this past year and now I was conquering big time physical fears and it felt AMAZING!!!

After we cleared that obstacle, we were directed to a water station and then told, “keep going, you’re not even half way” to which all of our jaws, momentarily dropped (it seriously felt like we had already ran 5 km or something at these point.)  And so it carried on, with more hills, more cold, more rain, and of course more mud.

We carried tires up and down two hills, carried logs, water jugs, climbed over walls, pushed hay bales, ran down some more hills and ended the race by scaling a net ladder to victory at the top of a tower.

It was such a fun day despite the cold, the rain and the wet.  I am super happy I participated.

Here are a few recommendations I would make to people who have not done the race but are now intrigued to sign up next year…

  • Wear a pair of work gloves with grip on the underside that you can throw out after the race.
  • Knee Pads or Elbow Pads – the race sold sets that worked on either body part for $5 and these came in super handy when crawling on the ground.
  • Bring a change of clothes in your car or plastic garbage bags to cover your seats – my recommendation would be to strip down right in the parking lot so you don’t wreck your seats.
  • Wear clothes that you can potentially throw out – my clothes were trashed and I ended up throwing out my pants.

So, there ya have it!!! Was super fun, highly recommend a race like this at least once in a lifetime to feel the awesomeness of completing something so physically challenge.

Until next time…




2017-05-13 10.51.06-1.jpg

POST RACE SELFIE (Sorry for the blur):

2017-05-13 14.38.24.jpg


2017-05-13 15.53.39.jpg

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