Weekly Workouts

Hi Friends!!!!

It’s been a busy week, made it back from Calgary with the kids and getting back in the usual routine around here…check out my weekly workouts below.  Monday was a travel workout.  There are tons of ideas you can find on Pinterest and various websites for equipment free travel workouts.  I used 10 lb. dumbbells because I had access to them but there are tons of body weight movements you can utilize when you don’t have access to a gym or equipment and trust me, they burn!!!

I ran another 10km road race this past week.  I fricken crushed it!!  My intention was to run it in under an hour, 58 minutes kept flashing through my mind as I was running and I crossed the finish line at 56 min.  Hot damn!!  Road races are definitely less challenging than trail runs, in my opinion, but it was still a lot of fun…great energy and all the feels of accomplishment.

Monday – Home

4 Rounds:

  • 3 Push Ups
  • 6 Jump Squats
  • 12 Crunches
  • 18 Burpees


  • Lunges
  • Bosu Ball Crunches
  • Squat Thrusters w/ 10 lb. dumbbells

Tuesday – Rest Day 

Drive back from Calgary.

Wednesday – Home

Jog 3 miles on Treadmill

Thursday – Swim!!

  • 15 min swim
  • 20 min kick with kick board
  • 20 min pull
  • 5 min swim

Friday – Home

Pilates Fix Extreme

Saturday – GP Press Run

10 km – in 56 minutes!!!  Ow Ow!

Sunday – Rest Day

2017-05-27 10.36.24.jpg

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