Pre-Race Nerves, Weekly Workouts & Meal Prep

Hello Beautiful People!!!  

This post is coming at you a little later than usual.  My kids went down with the stomach flu on Sunday evening so I’m playing a little bit of catch up this week.

This past weekend, I participated in a time trial with my swim team.  This is a “mock meet” to obtain submission times when registering for real swim meets.  Swim meets are generally a couple days and consist of 20+ events. We have access to the pool for a couple hours at these mock meets and we cram in as many events as we can.   This past Sunday I swam 3 events for time: the 200 Breast, 400 Free and 200 IM.

I was reminded of what it felt like to swim at meets when I was in high school: the nerves, the excitement, and the fun in cheering people on as they nervously entered the water to swim events they were apprehensive for.  

I noticed that I wasn’t the only one feeling nervous.  We all train hard and anxiously hope that the training was worthwhile and that we will swim well under the pressure of a stopwatch.  Some swimmers were directed to swim events that were outside their comfort zone, including myself (200 Breast). While reticent, most if not all individuals, got into the water and attempted to complete these events to the best of their ability.  This is so damn inspiring.

To endeavor to do something you are fearful of, uncomfortable with and/or uncertain you will succeed at is the purest display of bravery.  And all of these swimmers, said yes despite discomfort and reluctance.

Today, I rarely back down from a challenge but this was not always the case.  In the past I often, said no to opportunities and situations that might pose a susceptibility to vulnerability or failure.  When I decided to start saying yes to the things that scared the hell out of me, I discovered two big things. First, every time I opted to face the fear rather than risk regret, I became free of the fear.  Taking the leap inevitably meant knowing that the experience of fear didn’t kill me or even remotely damage me. Instead, it strengthened and exhilarated me. It increased my appetite to set the bar higher and see what else I was capable of.  Secondly, saying yes once, opened up the door to a landscape of remarkable contingencies.

This doesn’t mean I no longer feel fear, nervousness, or uncertainty.  These feelings are almost always present when I’m undertaking something I’m unsure of or might not do well at.  But when I’ve committed, attempted and completed the task or challenge, the thrill is indescribably intoxicating.   For me, this is wholehearted and ardent living.

If you are willing to make the attempt, give it your best and finish the race, you can count yourself amongst the few who have the courage to show up and place themselves in the running to win.  If you don’t try, you’ll never know.



Masters’ Practice

  • Standard Warm Up (100 Bk, 500 Fr, 100 One-Arm Fly, 100 Br Pull Only, 100 Reverse IM)
  • 400 One Arm Fly
  • 400 IM
  • 2 X 400 Free – HR @ 180 or higher
  • 4 X 200 Free – HR @ 180 or higher
  • 6 X 100 Free – HR @ 180 or higher
  • 8 X 50 Free – HR @ 180 or higher
  • 8 X 25 Free Hypoxic



Masters’ Practice

  • Standard Warm up (100 Bk, 500 Fr, 100 One-Arm Fly, 100 Br Pull Only, 100 Reverse IM)
  • 6 X 400 Free
  • 5 x 200 Free



  • Warm Up (4 Rounds):
    • Row 200 m
    • 25 Ab Mat Situps
    • 20 KB Swings (30 lb.)
    • 15 Pushups
    • 30 Hanging Oblique Crunches
    • 15 Weighted Back Extensions (20)
    • Pull-ups to Failure (6-5-5-5)
    • 4 X 12 DB Bench Press (55-60-60-60)
    • 4 X 12 DB Back Row (60-70-70-70)
    • 4 X 12 DB Lateral Fly to Front Raise (30-30-30-30)
    • 4 X 12 Lat Pull Down (70-70-70-70)
    • 4 X 12 Bent Over DB Fly (30-30-30-30)
    • 4 X 12 Hammer Curl to Shoulder Press (30-30-30-30)



  • Standard Warm up (100 Bk, 500 Fr, 100 One-Arm Fly, 100 Br Pull Only, 100 Reverse IM)
  • 5 X 200 IM
  • 1500 Free
  • 400 One Arm Fly

[Total Distance: 3500 m]


  • Swim :10 min
  • Kick w/ Board :10 min

[Repeat for 50 minutes]



  • Pressure Cooker Pulled Taco Chicken
    • 2 lbs. Chicken Breasts
    • 2 tsp. Garlic Powder
    • 2 tsp. Onion Powder
    • 1-2 Tbsp. Epicure Selections Chili Lime Sansel
    • 1 cup Heirloom Tomatoes, halved
    • Juice of 2 Limes
    • 1/2-1 Cup Salsa
    • Salt & Pepper to taste
      • Grease pressure cooker with some olive oil.
      • Lay chicken breasts in the bottom of pressure cooker.
      • Top with remainder of ingredients.
      • Cook on medium time setting, high pressure.
      • Shred chicken with two forks.


  • Sweet Potato
  • Corn Tortillas


  • Brocolli
  • Spinach/Kale Blend



Blueberry Oatmeal Greek Yogurt Muffins by Frugal Mom Eh!  [Recipe Linked]

  • I used gluten free flour and added white chocolate chips!!

Have a wonderful week!!





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