How Flexibility & Adaptability Are Key to My Success

It is my belief that two vital components to success are FLEXIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY.

I’ve found that when I’m flexible with respect to altering my plans to accommodate unforeseen circumstances and adaptable to creatively resource my other options, I’m better equipped to stay on track with the least amount of stress related to changing my course of action.

Various situations or issues can arise in our lives that threaten to derail our efforts toward successfully achieving our goals. Kids get sick, work crisis’ arise, the car breaks down or we experience relationship difficulties. Our focus generally turns to the unexpected concern and toward figuring out a solution or a way in which to proceed forward.

Right now, my kids are down and out with the stomach flu which means I’m opting out of swim practice tonight. I’m staying home to medicate, cycle loads of laundry, and serve up cups of ginger ale, crackers, and Tylenol like an airline stewardess serves pretzels or peanuts. I know, I know…I’m living the dream over here. 😜

I could choose to opt out of my workout today. This choice would be valid and OKAY. It’s okay, to decide that you need a break or time to rest. I definitely have days that I decide that this route is the best for me. But I also know that if I cancel my workout every time something stressful and unplanned comes up in my life, I wouldn’t be accomplishing my goals and I wouldn’t be happy with my level of commitment to fitness.

I have workout DVD’s, dumbbells, bands, and the most important piece of equipment, my body all at my disposal to get a great workout in. It might not have been the one I had planned or looked forward to but for me A WORKOUT is better than NO WORKOUT. Where there’s a will there’s a way and tonight, I’ll find it and kick ass at it.

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