My September

I am officially one month away from my return to full-time work.  This year flew by.  It was full.  I did so many things…

I had a baby.  I started a blog.  I trained hard in the gym and in the pool.  I spent time with friends.  I dated.  I redefined my relationships.  I watched my son grow into a little boy.  I witnessed my daughter’s first milestones.  I accomplished SO MANY GOALS.  I healed. I grew.  What a year.

I am so beyond grateful for this past year and for all of the opportunities, experiences and blessings I was offered.

The year started out slow, at times feeling stagnant.  Then when summer arrived, time sped up as the days were filled with more activities, and a busyness that felt at times overwhelming.  So, as this last month is upon me, I am going to return to a slower, quieter pace.

I am going to savor these last days of summer and the beginning of fall.  I am going to read more; Facebook less. Contemplate in the quiet early morning about what a uniquely fulfilling and successful life looks like.  I am going to dance and laugh with my kids.  Kiss them rather than rush them.  I am going to be in the moment.  I am going to relish low-key evenings alone with a glass of wine, the sunset and a good book.  I am going to leave my phone downstairs on the kitchen counter at night.  Disconnect to reconnect.  I am going to revel in the last month of waking up naturally rather than to an alarm.  Enjoying leisurely and lengthy mornings of coffee, “brunch”, cultivating dreams and making plans.

This year was beyond my wildest dreams.  I became so much stronger than I ever thought possible and I was given the most wonderful blessing of time.  Time to think.  Time to go inward.  Time to say yes to opportunities, face fears, and to get out of my comfort zone, uninhibited.  Time to learn.  Time to love and accept myself.  Time to embrace uncertainty, new beginnings and changes.

This last month I am going to look back with pride, gratitude and awe at how far I’ve come.  This last month I am going to focus on the things that are most important to me.  And when that first day of work arrives, I am going to be ready.  Ready for the next chapter, the next challenges, the next shift.  This past year was amazing – it was hard, painful, exhausting, exhilarating, insightful, fun and joyful.  I can only imagine what the next year has in store for me – I look forward to it.  Life is getting better every single day.




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