What I’m Loving in Fitness…

Helllooo Friends!!

Today I am going to do a little fitness update and just kind of fill ya in on what is happening my world fitness wise.  I want to talk about a few things that I am loving right now as well as plans and goals for this upcoming spring/summer.  It’s time to start rockin some shorts and cute sundresses and maybe a swim suit here and there!!  Bring on the sunshine and beautiful weather!!  I can’t wait!


So a couple weeks ago I started 21 Day Fix Extreme!  I’ve mentioned on a previous post how much I loved 21 Day Fix and have done several rounds of it!

The program is EFFICIENT– you get great results with a mere 30 minutes of strength moves a day.

It’s WELL ROUNDED– it hits all major muscles and I honestly have the best abs I have ever had in my life.

MINIMAL EQUIPMENT REQUIRED – all you need is a bit of space, a couple sets of dumbbells, and a yoga mat or towel for some of the floor exercises.

I started to do 21 Day Fix combined with running on alternate days to prepare for the 10km, Evergreen Trail Trek I ran May 3rd.  Then my kids got sick with the stomach flu and then I got sick and the program kind of went down the drain.  When we were finally on the mend, I picked up where I left off.  I was finding I was getting a bit bored with 21 Day Fix so I decided to shake things up just after my 10km race and give 21 Day Fix Extreme a whirl.


21 Day Fix Extreme is definitely a step up from 21 Day Fix.  There is a bit more Plyo type moves incorporated into this program – so a bit of jumping with weights and some static holds.  There is also less rest between sets.  The workouts are still 30 minutes a piece with some days being approximately 40 minutes if you do the 10 Minute Hardcore (10 min of Abs).

I am LOVING the results from this program!!  I am sore and noticing changes in my legs and upper body, my abs are also getting hit with the moves so I am noticing that they are also transforming even more.  I am getting some photos taken shortly and will post those in the near future.  My plan is to probably do 2 cycles of this program and then try another one of the Beach Body programs but I am not quite ready.


Another exercise that I have incorporated into my routine is some jogging!!  I LOVE being outside in the nice weather and I signed up for a couple races throughout the summer to keep the motivational vibes flowing.

I did a 10km trail run – The Evergreen Trail Trek on May 3rd.  This event was hosted by Healing Elements Wellness. This was my very first ever race of any kind, so I was super nervous but it went really well and I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it!

My 3-year-old son came along with me to the event and we both participated in the Super Hero run.  This was so stinkin cute!!  There were about 300 kids who participated in this run.  They ran 1km around the Evergreen Horse Track and received a super hero cape upon completion.  My son loves his cape and is still putting it on and wearing it around the house every day.  I had to bribe him towards the end of the track by telling him there was hot dogs but he finished and had so much fun.  The event was so great.  They had great music by Cloud 10 Music, snacks and drinks for the kids after their event, and great energy all around.

2017-05-03 17.26.42

My event started after the Super Hero run.  I honestly had no idea what to expect.  I figured 10km wasn’t too far.  As I started out, I’ll be honest, I thought “Hey, this isn’t so bad, I could have probably done the 21km.”  As I neared the finish though, I am glad that I had signed up for the 10km and not the 21 km because I was tired!  There was way more hills than I expected (once again, I did not know what to expect, so I most likely did not expect any hills).  It was such a rush though.  I love how you have to be super alert, keeping your eyes on the trail ahead of you so you can watch out for roots and uneven ground.  I love that you don’t really know what is coming next as far as terrain and hills.  And I love passing people!!  It definitely brought out my competitive side.  I finished the race in 1 hour 4 minutes.  I wasn’t sure if I would want to do another race ever again but after finishing and cooling down, I felt amazing and super accomplished.  I totally understand why people love participating in race events.  The events have such great energy!  Volunteers are encouraging you at various spots on the trails, at the end people are applauding your efforts and the runners high after just compounds all the positivity you are already feeling.

2017-05-03 19.13.34

So, I signed up for another 10km pavement race, The DHT Press Run on May 27th.

This next weekend I am doing the Zulu Challenge with a bunch of my girlfriends.  Our team name is, Blister Sisters.  I am slightly nervous about this one as there are obstacles involved and I am not crazy about heights…AHHH we will see!!  I’ll do a post about it after I finish!


Last, but certainly not least, I got back in the pool after what seemed like a very long hiatus.  My kids and I were down and out with that stomach bug for just about 2 weeks and then they closed the local pool for maintenance so it just reopened this past week and I went for a swim…OMG how I missed the water!!  I feel like a new woman coming out of the pool.  The combination of meditative vibes I experience while doing laps and the exhausted pain of my whole body, especially my shoulders, afterwards is just incredible.  I know right?! Exhausted/Pain?!  Love?!  Yes, indeed, I love every bit of it! This summer, I am going to work in a couple swims a week to shake up my training, help with endurance, and because I love it so, so much!!!

So this is what I am doing and loving right now for fitness.  I talked to a friend who mentioned that she would like to see what my weekly routine looks like for fitness so I will post what I did each day this past week for my workouts at the end of the week!!

Hope everyone is having a great week and staying motivated.

Get after those workouts, make health food choices and keep smiling!!!

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