To My Sweet Emmett

To My Sweet Emmett,

I’ve invariably found it easier to express myself best in prose.  I admire a well constructed sentence and the beautiful way words can be woven together like textiles to transcribe thoughts and form stories.  I can sincerely compose the inner workings of my heart with lettered precision and experiential metaphor.

Nevertheless, when it comes to conveying my profound love for you…

This is something I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to adequately articulate.

Before you, my naive self believed I comprehended the depths affection can reach and the scope to which an individual’s heart could love.  I thought I knew the bounds to which love could be felt.  On the day you were born, you transcended my sentimental theories .  As the awe of your arrival transformed into adoration, I recognized that my perspective and my life were never going to be the same.  

It is simultaneously terrifying and yet purely breathtaking, when the happiest moments of your life surpass what you ever thought was possible.

I dreamed about you before I ever laid eyes on you.  I hoped you would be clever, playful, kind and happy.  You exceeded all of my wishes.

You are brilliant, funny, thoughtful and so very loving.  One of my greatest joys is to watch you be such a tender and protective brother to your sister, Ruby.  You provide a remarkable yet quiet fortitude to our family that only self-assuredness allows.  

We are connected in such a way that it’s difficult to believe we have only known each other in this life.  Your affinity for empathy and compassion is an absolute wonder.

Occasionally, in a manner well beyond your years, you come to me with the phrase, “Let me see your face mommy”.  You cup your hands around my face and silently look into my eyes.  That simple gaze with those wise eyes, has time and time again encouraged me to stand back up, and to never give up.

You, little soul, inspire me to keep fighting to create our beautiful life.  

It never ceases to amaze me how unassumingly your sweet smile can remind me of life’s magic and fill my heart with such serene contentment.  You are the reason that life is so beautiful.  You make gratitude easy.  

The blessing of your life entwined in mine has given me an extraordinary existence which I’m thankful for everyday.      

You are a light in this world, Emmett and I’m so proud to be your mother.

Happy Birthday.




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