The Best Year of My Life

This time last year, I wrote a Facebook post reflecting on 2016.  In a word, it was hopeful.  In an emoji, it was this one. 😬

2016 was a pursuit of survival.  A daily quest to wake up and breathe through pain, smile despite my heavy heart, and to be the best mother I could be.   Thankfully, I repeatedly and relentlessly made the decision to not give up.  I succeeded.

As I wrote my reflection for 2016, I had no clue what my next step would be.  I didn’t know how to build a new dream.  But, I knew I didn’t want to just survive another year.  I wanted 2017 to be brighter…better.  I wanted to do something more than just get through another year.  I wanted to start living.

Well, my friends, not only was 2017 better than 2016, it was one of the best years of my life.

Here are some of the things I accomplished this year…

  • I successfully single parented my two children.
  • I managed all the diaper changes, the mealtimes, the bath times, the bed times, solo.
  • I survived a household bout of the stomach flu on my own.
  • I threw an awesome birthday party for myself.
  • I made fitness and healthy eating my way of life.
  • I started a blog and people read it.  Not only that, but it made a difference in people’s lives.  It gave people hope.
  • I survived a road trip to Calgary with my two little kids (9 hours driving time – one way).
  • I ran the Zulu Challenge with my girlfriends and did every.single.obstacle.
  • I ran 3, 10km races.
  • I ran a 21km race.
  • I set the intention to swim 1 time per week.  Today, I’m swimming 4 times a week and training with the local master’s swim team.
  • I set a goal to swim 50 butterfly without dying.  I’m swimming 100 butterfly and I’m well on my way to swimming a 200 butterfly.
  • I returned to work full-time and I adjusted my children and I to this change.
  • I completed AORN’s Perioperative 101 to become a certified operating room nurse.
  • I changed my mindset from one of letting life happen to me, to making my life MINE.
  • I made gratitude a daily ritual.
  • I discovered my laugh and my sense of humor again.
  • I learned to think about love, acceptance and abundance more often than uncertainty, sadness and lack.

This list is nothing short of a miracle.

I have done things this past year that I NEVER thought I would do.  And it all started with one hopeful thought, which led to one hopeful intention, which led to one opportunity, one success, and then another and another.

I didn’t know HOW I would accomplish these things.  I just knew I wanted them.  I believed that it could happen and that the details would sort themselves out as I went.  And then it did.  If obstacles presented themselves, I took them one at a time, figuring out a way through it or around it and I kept going.

I said YES to everything.  Regardless of how I felt or the fear I might have had, I said YES.  I took the first tentative step and then the next.

So here is what I want to tell you as we begin a new year…

There is POWER in hope, in intention, in belief.  I’m living, breathing proof.  I experienced deep devastation.  I fought hard and I survived it.  And then I rose out of it, better than I’ve ever been.  I’m experiencing life like never before.  I’m living.

I am thriving.

And, you can do it too.

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible for your life.

Whatever dreams you have for this next year, do it.  The only thing separating you from what you want, is the decision.  The most difficult part is starting.  But once you cross that line in the sand and take that first uncertain step and then the next and the next…oh my, buckle up, because your life is going to change in some pretty inconceivable ways.

Confidence will grow, details will fall into place and before you know it, you’ll be looking back on the year with profound pride in your soul.

So for 2018, my wish for you is that you dream big, make the decision, say yes, take the first step and never give up.

Happy New Year.




4 thoughts on “The Best Year of My Life

  1. I very much enjoy reading your blogs and this particular read was nothing short of inspiring! Thank you for sharing your journey. Continue to be awesome 🙂


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