Weekly Workouts

Happy Monday!!!!  How are y’all doin?  Good?  Good.  I hope your week is off to a fabulous start.

I had a couple questions this week regarding how to get started with working out – particularly finding motivation to START when an individual has no experience or after a long hiatus from exercise.

So, I am going to give you some ideas for getting started and later we can talk about staying motivated while in a program…

Tips For Getting Started

  1. PLAN AHEAD. Yes, yes, yes, I say this lots.  But friends, it is so important to PLAN AHEAD.  Get a calendar, or mark it in your phone and BOOK TIME for YOU to workout.  Even if all you have is 30 minutes…book it like any other appointment and keep your commitment like you would any other appointment.  Many gyms allow you to book a spot in a class.  Don’t let a busy day get in the way of your goals…there is time to carve out at least 30 minutes a day for exercise.  It may mean you have to wake up early to do it or push through after a long day and do it after the kids are in bed but find a time that works and book that shit.
  2. HIRE A PERSONAL TRAINER.  If you are a beginner to fitness, and you have the budget for it, book an expert in fitness to help you get started with a program.  A personal trainer can help shape your programming to your goals and fitness level.  They can promote good form in the movements and coach you to push a little harder as your strength increases.  Also, it once again endorses accountability in that you have invested money and booked an appointment time to meet your trainer.
  3. FIND A LIKE MINDED MOTIVATED PARTNER.  Motivated being the key word here.  If you are both lax about fitness, you run the risk of jamming on your workout sessions.  However, if you can find someone with a similar fitness level and enthusiasm…workouts can turn into a much anticipated social sweat session where both individuals support and encourage one another to get after their goals.
  4. ORGANIZE A FITNESS GROUP.  This is happening all over Facebook now…get a few people who are looking to get fit and make a page, or create a text thread, whatever works best for the group.  Everyone can post recipes, workouts, encouragements, ideas for staying motivated and just in general cheer each other on.  Supportive groups are so inspiring and powerful!
  5. DVD PROGRAMS. Find a DVD program that entices you and commit to one full cycle.  Most DVD programs are no more than a 30-minute time commitment per day.  It’s doable people.  Buy it, pop that baby in the DVD player and just do it.
  6. JUST START. In my experience, the hardest part about working out when I am not feeling it, is getting started.  Once I get to the gym, once I start the warm up, once I jump in the pool, or hit the pavement…the rest is easy…you get into your groove and at the end of the workout you feel fantastic and so accomplished.  So if you can, get out of your head…go on autopilot and make your body lace up those shoes, drive to the gym, walk into that class and just start moving…the rest will follow with ease.  I promise.

Weekly Workouts

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Home

  • Plyo Fix Extreme

Wednesday – Home

  • Cardio Fix Extreme

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Pool

  • 15 minutes – Swim
  • 20 minutes – Kick
  • 20 minutes – Pull
  • 10 min – 25m Sprint/25m Easy

Saturday – Home

  • Dirty 30 Extreme
  • 10 min Hardcore

Sunday – Home

  • Yoga Fix Extreme

There you have it.  If you are liking my posts, don’t forget to like and subscribe…I will have lots more goodies come your way.  I hope you have a wonderful week and stay tuned for another post toward the end of the week….ciao. 😉




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