Make A Plan

It is Sunday evening, I have my kids tucked into bed and I am just sitting down with a cup of tea, a blog post and a couple episodes of Grace & Frankie.  I LOVE this show.  If you haven’t come across it on Netflix, do yourself a favor and check it out.  It took me about four-ish episodes to get into it and then BOOM, fell in love.  I hope when I am 70, I’m still dropping unapologetic ‘F Bombs’ like these two ladies.  They are hilarious and absolutely beautiful.  Love, Love, Love.

Okay, so I want to talk about a component to my routine that is VITAL to my success and commitment throughout the week.  PLANNING AHEAD.

Planning and preparing things ahead of time makes all the difference in not only the success of your goals, but how smoothly your whole routine, day and week will go.

For me, this means looking at the week ahead and scheduling my workouts, appointments, kids activities, doing meal prep, making to do lists, and visualizing the week ahead.  Planning and preparing ahead of time does take time but the benefits are well worth the time invested.


  • I cook 1-2 protein options.
    • This week:
      • Chicken Sausages
      • Wild Salmon with lemon and dill.
    • I cook 2-3 different kinds of vegetables.
      • This week I prepared:
        • Roasted asparagus
        • Cauliflower Stir-fry “rice”
        • Sweet potato hash with peppers, onions, tomatoes and spinach
        • Raw carrots and celery, chopped and portioned
      • I cook a couple different starches.
        • This week I made:
          • Roasted baby potatoes with coconut oil, salt and pepper
          • Quinoa
        • I portion out the protein powder and dry add-ins for my shakes (chia seed, flax, coconut flakes).
        • I portion out snack foods – nuts, hummus, hardboiled eggs
        • I even prep snack food for my kids in easy to grab containers so when we are heading out the door on a busy day, I can easily grab the snacks to put in the diaper bag and away we go!
        • Breakfasts can be prepped too!
          • Portion out oatmeal or granola with everything but the liquid ingredients in a container the night before.
          • Make overnight oats.
          • Chop and portion out vegetables for egg scrambles or omelets so all you have to do is add to the frying pan the next morning.
          • Prep your coffee pot for the next morning so that all you have to do is press start.


  • I generally like to schedule 1 hour a day for my workout.
    • I look at the week ahead and see what appointments or commitments the kids and I have throughout the week and schedule the workouts in accordingly. This sometimes means that I may do a morning workout one day or a late afternoon or evening workout another day.  Scheduling it in like an appointment encourages and motivates me to keep my commitment.
  • I plan what I am going to do for my workout each day.
  • I schedule my rest days as well.
    • I generally take one rest day a week and schedule it on a day of the week with the most commitments so I don’t feel like I am spread too thin with my time.


  • The night before I look at my day ahead and with somewhat flexible time frames, I write down everything I want to work on. This might seem super “Type A” but it helps me to stay on task with whatever I want to accomplish.
    • For example, my morning routine consists of making a cup of coffee, preparing my sons breakfast, settling him with breakfast and cartoons. Then, I spend an hour journaling gratitudes, affirmations and meditations.  I may then, schedule an hour-ish to check emails and eat breakfast.  And then move on to my workout, lunch, etc.
    • By setting out these chunks of time with a certain task, I find I don’t get side-tracked distracted, scattered and overwhelmed. I know exactly what I am supposed to be doing during that hour and I stay focused on that one task.
  • My “To Do List” is located in the “Notes” app of my phone so I consult the list of items and slot these little gems in throughout the day wherever it is conducive and most efficient throughout the week. (ie. If it is a stay at home day – this is where I would plan to vacuum and mop floors or clean bathrooms. If it is a grocery day – I will do all my running around and errands on that day… Get it?)
  • I set out time frames for the various tasks on the “To Do List” as well. Now, this may seem too stressful to some people, but for me it works and it keeps me focused and mindful of my time and activities.
  • My time frames are flexible!! Shit hits the fan sometimes with kids and the schedule may go off the rails but with a framework for the day, I am able to get the train back on the tracks with ease and pick up where I left off.
  • Before going to bed, I take 15-20 minutes to tidy up the kitchen, start the dishwasher, clean up toys, set out my workout clothes and the kids outfits for the next day.

Once I started to do little things to plan for the week and the day ahead, I started to notice more and more things that I could do ahead of time to make the day and routine more efficient.

Try adding a few preparation activities to your routine and evaluate your week.  I promise that a little preparation goes a long way!  Like good ol’ Benjamin Franklin said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

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