Wildflower Hearts 🌸

I’ve wondered this week if divine justice and fairness exist.

Does everything happen for a reason?

Or, are we merely beings randomly subjected to misfortunes and lucky breaks without justification or rationale?

Unexplained and irrevocable tragedies put my FAITH in the bigger picture to the test.

“Heartbroken” — such a fitting use of words to describe the acute insult, the burn, the ensuing throb, the momentary numb and then the cruel unabating ache of loss.

This pain is so undeniably palpable that it’s a wonder that there isn’t a legitimately tangible wound, a cut, a crack, that can be medically diagnosed or proven.

The side effect of such pain is DOUBT.

Doubt in the ability to survive it.

Doubt that the intensity of it will ever alleviate.

Doubt that one will ever feel peace let alone joy again.

Doubt in the goodness of life.

With that said, I will tell you with certainty what I see through eyes vailed in great sorrow and ambivalence…

I see hearts like wildflowers.

Souls who’s compassion runs so deep that they are breathing in the loss, taking the pain in as their own and with tear soaked cheeks and burning chests exhaling true, unwavering love and strength.

This is extraordinary.

It is absolutely EXTRAORDINARY and BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL to be capable of loving another soul so much so, that, there exists a willingness to dive in to the depths of their grief, their struggle, their heartbreak and to sit with them until they are ready to rise again.

Wildflower hearts are hope.

Wildflower hearts will heal.

Wildflower hearts are the miracle.




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